This is our bucket list, it is what we want to complete within the lifetime we have together.

We will put pictures up of what we have completed, this is for our benefits to keep the memories we are going to make as well as for you to see what we get up to.

  1. Dine in the Dark
  2. Attend a Paint Party
  3. Attend a Concert As V.I.P
  4. Attend a 3-Day Music Festival
  5. Bathe In Chocolate
  6.  Drink 10 Different Cocktails
  7. Go Ice Skating
  8.  Go Paddle Boarding
  9. Attend a Yoga Class
  10. Be a Regular Blood Donor
  11. Complete 26 Random Acts of Kindness
  12.  Do Charity Work With Animals
  13. Add a Lock to Lovers Bridge in France
  14. Drive Along Route 66
  15. Experience the Grand Canyon
  16. Explore Europe
  17. Go Backpacking Through Europe
  18. Go Clubbing in Miami
  19. Go Shopping in New York
  20. Go Shopping in Milan
  21. Go to Barbados
  22. Go to Disney Land Paris
  23. Go to Florida
  24. Camp in the Backyard
  25. Campervan Coast Trip
  26. Go Camping
  27. Bake a Pizza from Scratch
  28. Bake my Own Bread
  29. Cook Dinner For the Whole Family
  30. Eat a Bagel in NY
  31. Eat a Croissant at a Cafe in Paris
  32. Eat at One of Chef Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurants
  33. Eat at the Hard Rock Café
  34. Eat Brownies in Amsterdam
  35. Eat Chinese Food in China
  36. Eat Pasta in Italy
  37. Eat Pizza in Italy
  38. Fill our Savings Jar
  39. Become Fluent in Italian
  40. Complete a Rubik’s Cube
  41. Do a First Aid Course
  42. Learn a Magic Trick
  43. Adopt a Child
  44. Attend a Gay Pride Event
  45. Adopt Internationally
  46. Be a Foster Parent
  47. Become a Mom
  48. Get Engaged
  49. Get Married
  50. Go on a Date at an Amusement Park
  51. Go on a Double Date
  52. Go on a Fancy Date
  53. Go on a Romantic Getaway
  54. Go on a Romantic Vacation in Paris
  55. Go on a Valentine’s Day Date
  56. Have a Baby
  57. Have a Beautiful Wedding
  58. Have a Picnic in Central Park, New York
  59. Have a Romantic Flight in a Hot Air Balloon
  60. Attend a Circus Show
  61. Attend a Film Premiere
  62. Drink Champagne in France
  63. Experience Go Karting
  64. Decorate a House
  65. Capture a Tornado on Film
  66. Drive a Rally Car
  67. Go Indoor Skydiving
  68. Go Quad biking
  69. Go Storm Chasing
  70. Collect 50 Shot glasses
  71. Complete the IMDB Top 250 Movies
  72. Dine in the Eiffel Tower
  73. Draw Funny Faces on all the Eggs in my Fridge
  74. Swim with a Dolphin
  75. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
  76. Plant a Tree
  77. Sit on a Jury
  78. Own our own home
  79. Create a family tree
  80. Sleep Under the stars
  81. Spend New Years Eve in Times Square
  82. Go to a drive-in Cinema
  83. Stay in a 5* Hotel
  84. See the Northern Lights
  85. Go to a pottery class
  86. Go on a cruise
  87. Ride a Segway
  88. Take a cooking class
  89. Yell ‘are you not entertained’ at the museum
  90. Tackle a food challenge